Experience 400 years ago of Japan

Tea ceremony is one of the most traditional culture in the world. It was established 430 years ago of Japan by Rikyu Sen, the ancient grand tea master, to entertain noble or luxury people. Usucha ,thin tea, is the most popular and well known matcha style, and we also have Koicha, thick tea, style which is known only by the people who are learning tea ceremony. The most authentic grand tea ceremony style is called Chaji.

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Special, Secret, and Private

It is very difficult to find good private service in Japan except me. I promise you that our privacy policy is one of the world\'s strictest one. As NO photo by us, NO record on PC, NO record by hand writing. If someone wants to know who has come to hold a tea ceremony, they have to blackmail me or torture me, because all the customer information is saved only inside of my brain. Please tell me that you will choose secret option, then the strictest privacy policy works.

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Using Antique Tea wares

We usually use antique tea wares for the tea ceremony, such as... 500 years old chawan (tea bowl), 300 years old kama (caldron), 150 years old chashaku (bamboo tea scoop), and so on. It means that tea ceremony is not just a ceremony, but also enjoying those antiques at once. Those are all one of a kind items, and never be able to get it again, never able to be fixed. Depends on your selection of course, I use antique tea wares as many as I can.

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About me, Sougo Kobayakawa

Sougo Kobayakawa, the master of Zen tea ceremony, born in 1977. It was first time for me to drink matcha was 2 years old, and first time to make matcha was 4 years old. From that young days, I have kept in touch with matcha culture in many ways. In 2013, I have started this business to entertain luxurious people over the world. Since then, I have already entertained over 2000 people with tea ceremony.

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