About CHABITO, Sougo Kobayakawa


Facts about me

I’m Sougo Kobayakawa, the president of CHABITO.co, the master of Zen tea ceremony.  I have started my carrier of tea ceremony 13 years old, and it’s already passed over 27 years.  When I was 2 years old, I have drunk matcha very first time, and 4 years old was the first time for me to make matcha (my mother told me).

In 33rd age, graduated master course with the study of “management of tea ceremony, the way of tea”.  Through my 2 years study of history and philosophy of tea ceremony, my forms and manners were developed and elevated extremely.  Since then, my tea ceremony truly changed into Zen tea from just the ceremony procedure forms and manners.

Awakening of Zen has come to me suddenly when I look up “Tower of the Sun” in Osaka Expo Park.  After the awakening, my way of thinking about tea ceremony became very free.  Now I’m searching for the “real tea” with entertaining many guests by tea ceremony or producing matcha products such like quality matcha pudding.

Each of my guests have said that my matcha is totally different from the others which they have drunk.  That is because of my stance for tea ceremony is not only for temae (the general forms of tea ceremony) or tea wares (which most people are interested in), but also the taste of matcha is always controlled by Zen spirit called “nothing”.  I have focused on the skill to make matcha taste much better even anyone have tasted, my awakening strongly effected to my skill.

I have started this tea ceremony business in 2013, and already entertained over 2000 people since then.  As the only one “professional tea ceremony entertainer”, I promise you the tea ceremony must be ONLY ONE experience for you.