Who we are


Chabito, Sougo Kobayakawa (小早川 宗護), the well-experienced tea master.

Company Outline

Company Name

1-14-102, Midori-cho, Ashiya, 659-0042, Japan

September 2006

Sougo Kobayakawa, President





Our way of tea (the philosophy)


The posture of “laddle as mirror (Kagami Bishaku, 鏡柄杓)”

Our way of tea


We create and challange with spirits of finding and solution to conserve the history and tradition, as we bear the way of tea as an ascetic practice in our mind with the heart of form of emptyness.

Our declaration of the way of tea

私たちの茶は、お客様・仲介者様・千利休の哲学・一休禅師の悟り・師匠の教え・茶園・茶屋・各茶道具師・茶室・国・歴史・伝統があって、はじめて成立します。 彼ら一人一人に対する尊敬の念を忘れず、感謝の気持ちを持ちつつ、たった一服の茶にこれまでの修行の全てを捧げ、お客様のお手元に運びます。 そしてお客様と時間・空間を分かち合い、互いに喜び合える茶の道を進んでまいります。

Our tea ceremony is not executed until with the “guests”, “agents”, philosophy of Rikyu, awakening of Ikkyu, teachings of our master & mistress, tea farmers, tea wholesalers, each tea tool creators, tea chambers, our country and nation, history, and tradition.  We never forget to respect and thank them, then we bring a bowl of tea which poured our all of ascetic practice since we had.  Then we keep walk the way of tea that shares the time, space, and happiness with our guests.